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And breathe

happy againThings are finally, slowly starting to get back on track – ish…  And we can revert to happy smiley people again (ish).

To recap:

Husband went off to America, got snowed in, came home for a bit, went off to Bangalore for a bit, came home for a few days, turned around, went off to Spain, came home, straight into my company’s financial quarter end.  (And when I say my company, I should clarify that I meant the company I work for, and not one I own – I haven’t got an entrepreneurial bone in my body… yet).

Just to make sure I was enjoying myself, add into that a flat tire less than 5 miles from work, which set me back a bit (ran over a keep left curb which was not properly signed in the dark… the council has now fixed it, and apparently I may be able to reclaim my GBP200… which is great).

And then there was the fun eye thing which is still clearing up (after two trips to the chemist / pharmacist, one trip to the GP, and one trip to the eye hospital, no one’s much the wiser, but I no longer feel like I’ve been punched in the face, nor do I look it, so all good).

To bring it in to the present day:

I’m now suffering from a lovely cold, which I can only hope was passed on to me by my daughter, because I really don’t want her to get this otherwise.  But a cold is okay.  I can cope with that.

And the neighbour’s au pair is looking for another family – so there goes the morning childcare help when husband isn’t around.  Not sure how he’s taking it.

Let’s ice the cake with an e-mail from my boss saying she’s now not happy to let me work from home on a more ad hoc basis as required for childcare purposes.  I’m pretty sure that nearly 2 months after this has been requested, it’s a bit late now (what do HR people do, really?  I’ve asked Husband, who teaches them, but I’m none the wiser…) but don’t want to get into any arguments.  I do, however, think regularly of no longer working at said company, because it would improve my quality of life, but for the paycheck.  Ah, the paycheck…

But my Monkey-Moo/baby girl is fantastic.

So now that the majority of crises are over, I’ve got a few more normal posts to put up.  Just not quite today.  But really soon – because there’s still some stuff in the garden that we’re working through (in December – can you believe it), and I’m still working on being inspired by everyone else’s blogs!

TGIF never came too soon.