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Baking weekend – orange sponge

Sunday’s only just begun, and we’re roaring through the baking this weekend – partly so we have something sweet in the house, partly to keep Monks occupied, and partly in preparation of our visitors next week (they’re arriving on a Thursday – slightly awkward day of the week for prep reasons… but that’s okay!)

The one available to eat right now is a nice and simple orange sponge cake:


The basics of a sponge cake are the simplest around – it’s kind of hard to go wrong – it’s all about equal proportions.

My 8-inch cake pan works best with a three egg cake, so that was my starting point.

The oven needs to be at 350 F or 170 C

Then I line the bottom of my cake tin with greaseproof paper (I still haven’t quite figured out what this translates to in the US, it’s not quite wax paper…)



175g self-raising flour
175g sugar
175 g unsalted butter
3 eggs (which should weight about 175 g)
Dash of salt
zest of half a small orange
dash of orange extract

Jam of choice for filling

Orange frosting

juice of one orange
1 Tablespoon of orange extract
enough icing / powdered sugar to make it to the wanted consistency – I used around 250 g, but wanted a very stiff frosting

– warning note – I take shortcuts.  I am happy with the results.  If you don’t, well done.  But I do.

Moving swiftly along:

1.  Mix dry cake ingredients, then add wet and stir through (I even melt my butter in the microwave first…).  I add my zest to the flour and mix it in before adding the dry ingredients.  I like to think this helps it distribute better.

2.  Pour into lined cake tin and tap on counter to evenly distribute

3.  Bake for about 30 minutes, until top feels firm and toothpick tests clean.

Let cool.

If you’re more of a cake wizz than me, and you prefer shorter cakes, then slice this one in half horizontally, and proceed to filling – I don’t roll that way, so I just make two cakes – ie, do the whole thing again.

4.  Once the cakes are cool, decide how you’re going to sandwich them – I usually go bottom to bottom, and cool then top side down so I can see which one will be a better base.

5.  Plate your base cake, then spread with filling – I used apricot jam, because we had some on hand, but this would probably be amazing with orange curd – which of course, I did not have…

6. Layer cake 2 on top, then proceed to frosting!

7.  To make the frosting, I always start with my liquids first then add in the icing sugar at regular intervals until I get the frosting I want.  In this case, I started with about four heaping soup spoons of sugar, mixed that in, and repeated this about three or four times.  I wanted more of a frosting and less of a glaze.

8.  Ice and decorate (having a three year old in the house means we always have to decorate – regardless of how appropriate it may be – when we made snickerdoodles, and the decoration was simply rolling the cookie in the cinnamon sugar, there were tears because we didn’t have any pink – Bless).

My daughter had the first slice:

Apparently we have to save all the big slices for her, but mummy and daddy can have the little ones, but just the little ones, okay?

Not only does she help with the eating, she helped me make the whole thing 🙂