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Hooray for Shopping Day!!!

Each day of the week brings its own game to the table, so to speak.  For me, Wednesday is more than happy hump day (but I do really like being able to say that).  For me, Wednesday epitomises what it is for me to be a full time working mom/mum.  It’s shopping day!!!

On line grocery shopping is the most wonderful creation since the internet.  Don’t get me wrong – I adore going to the grocery store – just not so much around these parts.  I can easily spend hours in a good grocery store just looking around.  But here, it’s all a bit of a rush.  Stocking shelves is not something the English have yet perfected.  Scale is an issue (size of store, size of aisles, etc).  Parking can be an issue (have you ever waited for a parking space in a grocery store – not just a particular space, but just any?!).  Madness!

Online shopping avoids all this hassle.  The goods come straight to my door, and they tend to pick goods ones.  And with a broad knowledge of contract law, I know that if I don’t want the goods they bring, I can hand them back and am not charged for them (sometimes it’s good to be an accountant), as the contract hasn’t been concluded.

It also helps me to budget and plan.  I can’t do that in-store.  I just get distracted by all the beautiful and yummy things, whereas online, I just keep a running total, and can feel completely impartial to the list of items to buy.

Anywho – we had TV cameras outside the office all day today.  Very exciting.  When I went for my lunchtime walk, however, I did make a point to avoid them.  Don’t really want my 15 minutes of fame to be had just yet!

Happy happy hump day!