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Halloween and girl’s weekend

Just about every year for the past 7 or 8 years (maybe longer?), the husband takes a trip (business trip – ish) around Halloween time.  This year is no exception.

It means no Halloween party for us (I just can’t stomach that on my own!).  At least, not this year (we’ve only had one since the Monkey-moo joined us).  It also means the Halloween treats are more muted (more below).

This has not stopped me from decorating the house appropriately:

From the fireplace (to keep us warm and cozy),

To the windows to make sure everyone knows that Halloween happens here!

I particularly like making my spiders attack my cockroaches – but that’s a personal thing.  No one else at home quite gets it.  I wonder if the postman does?

There are also spider webs (which means I don’t have to do so much dusting – because it’s supposed to be that way), and some eyeball lights, and a few other bits and bobs dotted around the house.

Aside from the decorating, I have been full on with working, and looking after my Monkey-girl.  We are exceptionally excited to have a full-girl’s weekend coming up.  We will be doing baking, shopping, playing, dressing up, painting – the works.  I will be very tired on Monday!

So no cooking posts today – but the Halloween themed food will come, because I love Halloween.  And just because we only get about 6 kids a year to the house, that’s 6 kids more than we got when we lived in a different town, and I will enjoy that.  And I will make certain that my colleagues know just how much I love Halloween by bringing in appropriate edibles. Nothing terribly original, and there will have to be some pink sparkly things for the Monkey-princess, but there will be treats.  And I am looking forward to it.

Happy Friday!