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Muddy miracles

One of the biggest downsides of being a foreigner living abroad is that, whilst you may be able to speak the language, it’s really hard to speak the language, if you know what I mean.  All those idioms, and the linguistic history of it all.

If you’re like my husband, you use this as an opportunity to take the piss (as it were).  For example, he tried to convince me that his family word for a tv remote control, “offa-doofa,” was an actual word used by a number of other English families.  I learned quickly from that who to trust…  It took years before I believed that a wendy house wasn’t his own word.

Unfortunately, this is a habit shared by many.  When I lived in Israel, my uncle tried a similar thing, but not quite so embarrassing.  There, there are broadly two types of coffee, Cafe Nes (Nes = miracle in hebrew), and Cafe Botz (mud, literally).  I asked my uncle if Cafe Nes was just taken from Nescafe, to which he cleverly responded:

“No.  When we first got this instant coffee, all you did was put water in it and – look at that – coffee – it’s a miracle!

So not true, but I really rather prefer this to the reality (just derived from Nescafe).

Cafe botz has always been my preferred method of the two, however.  And I have been having it a bit more frequently these days.

cafe botz

Cafe botz is just turkish coffee.

Rather than cooking it over heat, you simply put about one teaspoon per cup either directly into a cup, or, my preference, into a cafetiere, then add boiling water. Cardamom or other spices can be added to the grounds as well.

Let it sit for a few minutes (I usually give it about 5-10) until the grounds have settled to the bottom, leaving a muddy layer.

Once it’s settled, you can add whatever you want to taste – if it’s something that needs to be stirred in, however, you will need to wait until it settles again.  If done in the cafetiere, you can simply add what you want to the cup, as the mud stays in the bottom of the cafetiere.

Be careful not to drink to the bottom, else you drink the mud!

I’d say happy Yum Kippur here, but that’s really not appropriate, so hope those who are fasting have a quick and easy fast.

Shabbat shalom!