I’m an avid reader in my spare time (or not so spare time – I’m good at multi-tasking).

I also have a tendency to forget which books I’ve read, and buy the same one twice (and I hate wasting money!).  Or similarly, get one out of the library that I’ve read already – ergo, wasting time…  And yes, I do tend to remember what I’ve read previously, at least if I’ve read it in the past 10 years.  Elephants never forget and all…

So I thought it would be useful to have a page to set these down on, so I can at the very least check what I’ve read already!

At the moment, I’ve re-read all my Elizabeth Peters / Barbara Michaels books, and am fully up to date on Lisa Gardener and Kathy Reichs (if someone hasn’t died in a book, I get bored pretty quickly… Murder She Wrote is still  my all time favourite TV show).  So we’ll see if this works!


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