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Update – no food, but a bit of news

So I’ve been pretty quiet on the posts recently.  I know, and I’m sorry.  It’s not likely to change for a few more weeks, I’m afraid (potentially longer).  I’m going into my company’s year end, and we’re in crazy busy season, and of course, my boss is on holiday…  But I have been cooking a fair bit, and have a few things to post, and the 4th birthday party cake has already been imagined, planned, and is ready to be executed at the proper time (and once I have sufficient space in my fridge).  More to come.  Promise.  For real this time.

So news is, I have a new job – you heard it here first.  Haven’t given notice yet at my previous employer (see note above about boss being on holiday).  I prefer to have a contract in hand before telling people I’m out the door anyway, as this means that the potential new employer can’t then change their mind without legal implications (which has happened to me before – I only need to be burned once, thank you very much).  So exciting things to go forward with, and I’m looking forward to it very much indeed.  Not much more money, but the commute is about 30 minutes less each way, and the working day is 30 minutes shorter, so that’s a win win in my opinion.  And it’s a good company, which does lots of exciting things, and isn’t grinding itself into the ground.  And I’ve kind of wanted to work there for the last 5 years.  Wow.  And I’m going to have to like it, because I’m going to need to be there for the next 5 years at least in order to repair my CV.  Wow.

Happy Friday indeed 🙂


And breathe

happy againThings are finally, slowly starting to get back on track – ish…  And we can revert to happy smiley people again (ish).

To recap:

Husband went off to America, got snowed in, came home for a bit, went off to Bangalore for a bit, came home for a few days, turned around, went off to Spain, came home, straight into my company’s financial quarter end.  (And when I say my company, I should clarify that I meant the company I work for, and not one I own – I haven’t got an entrepreneurial bone in my body… yet).

Just to make sure I was enjoying myself, add into that a flat tire less than 5 miles from work, which set me back a bit (ran over a keep left curb which was not properly signed in the dark… the council has now fixed it, and apparently I may be able to reclaim my GBP200… which is great).

And then there was the fun eye thing which is still clearing up (after two trips to the chemist / pharmacist, one trip to the GP, and one trip to the eye hospital, no one’s much the wiser, but I no longer feel like I’ve been punched in the face, nor do I look it, so all good).

To bring it in to the present day:

I’m now suffering from a lovely cold, which I can only hope was passed on to me by my daughter, because I really don’t want her to get this otherwise.  But a cold is okay.  I can cope with that.

And the neighbour’s au pair is looking for another family – so there goes the morning childcare help when husband isn’t around.  Not sure how he’s taking it.

Let’s ice the cake with an e-mail from my boss saying she’s now not happy to let me work from home on a more ad hoc basis as required for childcare purposes.  I’m pretty sure that nearly 2 months after this has been requested, it’s a bit late now (what do HR people do, really?  I’ve asked Husband, who teaches them, but I’m none the wiser…) but don’t want to get into any arguments.  I do, however, think regularly of no longer working at said company, because it would improve my quality of life, but for the paycheck.  Ah, the paycheck…

But my Monkey-Moo/baby girl is fantastic.

So now that the majority of crises are over, I’ve got a few more normal posts to put up.  Just not quite today.  But really soon – because there’s still some stuff in the garden that we’re working through (in December – can you believe it), and I’m still working on being inspired by everyone else’s blogs!

TGIF never came too soon.

Crazy days are here again!

Just a quick update as I’ve been saturated in madness this week (and next week really isn’t going to be pretty).  Husband returned home from a trip to Bangalore only to turn around and head off to Spain for a few days (all for “work”), leaving me to be a single mum with lots of deadlines to meet at work, and not a lot of time to meet them.  Quarter end reporting is next week for me, so I’ll continue to be a bit of a ghost for a while longer and I number crunch frantically away!

Wish me luck!

In the meantime, think of me like this…

Halloween and girl’s weekend

Just about every year for the past 7 or 8 years (maybe longer?), the husband takes a trip (business trip – ish) around Halloween time.  This year is no exception.

It means no Halloween party for us (I just can’t stomach that on my own!).  At least, not this year (we’ve only had one since the Monkey-moo joined us).  It also means the Halloween treats are more muted (more below).

This has not stopped me from decorating the house appropriately:

From the fireplace (to keep us warm and cozy),

To the windows to make sure everyone knows that Halloween happens here!

I particularly like making my spiders attack my cockroaches – but that’s a personal thing.  No one else at home quite gets it.  I wonder if the postman does?

There are also spider webs (which means I don’t have to do so much dusting – because it’s supposed to be that way), and some eyeball lights, and a few other bits and bobs dotted around the house.

Aside from the decorating, I have been full on with working, and looking after my Monkey-girl.  We are exceptionally excited to have a full-girl’s weekend coming up.  We will be doing baking, shopping, playing, dressing up, painting – the works.  I will be very tired on Monday!

So no cooking posts today – but the Halloween themed food will come, because I love Halloween.  And just because we only get about 6 kids a year to the house, that’s 6 kids more than we got when we lived in a different town, and I will enjoy that.  And I will make certain that my colleagues know just how much I love Halloween by bringing in appropriate edibles. Nothing terribly original, and there will have to be some pink sparkly things for the Monkey-princess, but there will be treats.  And I am looking forward to it.

Happy Friday!