Cookies and taxes, huh?  Yup.
So who am I?

  • I am a mother (mom or mum depending on where you’re coming from)
  • I am someone’s wife (he’s English, I’m British by emigration)
  • I am an expat – American living in the UK
  • I am a tax accountant (really – ergo the taxes bit)
  • I am an amateur baker (ergo the cookies bit)
  • I am a realist
  • I am an early riser (and a light sleeper)
  • I am a pedant
  • I am slightly obsessed with bullet points (so tidy)… and ellipsis marks (so useful)
  • I studied to be an Art historian and archaeologist (apparently, at career time, I couldn’t get past the letter A)
  • I appreciate good spelling and grammar, although I may not always use it
  • I am a card carrying member of overachievers anonymous – but I’m working on it
  • I am good at sculpting things out of play-doh when given the chance
  • I am a child of the 80s/ 90s (I think that makes me either Gen X or Gen Y). Either way, I have fond memories of listening to Pearl Jam and Nirvana as a teenager in my best friend’s basement whilst wearing the ultimate flannel button down found on a road side – so cool.
  • And I’m learning every day that it’s important to hold hands when you cross the road, and look where you’re going, and not where you’ve been.

One response to “About

  1. I’m a fellow lover of ellipsis too!! 🙂

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