It’s all about planning

I’m one of those people who believes strongly in the power of planning. That said, life has also taught me the importance of having a plan B (do you hear that Mr Osborne?).

That goes for just about everything – from where I want to be in life and how I want to get there, to the more mundane weekly menu planning.

Today it was about route planning – because pretty much all of the south east of England was in a traffic jam from far too early this morning.  And apart from that being a great way to start the week (how I love to sit in traffic before 6 am!), it did keep me thinking about managing everything, week in and week out.

Now, having a weekly menu plan may be a bit dull, but if you’re away from home for 12 hours a day most days (like me), it’s vital (at least for me). I do try to leave it a bit vague and flexible, but broadly, here it is:

Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: more leftovers
Wednesday: shopping day! Store bought fresh soup and bread
Thursday: evening to myself – stir-fry veg and egg pie
Friday: family dinner – usually some sort of veggie stew – used to be curry, but Monkey can’t take the heat (yet).
Saturday and Sunday : also proper home made meals, depending on what’s available (on sale that week, or growing in the garden), or what needs using. With extra made to provide for those leftovers.

This week, we’re not quite going to plan, as I didn’t make enough over the weekend for two nights of leftovers, and the family arrives on Thursday, so no egg / veg stir fry for me.  Tonight it’s the green thing (to come later), I think.  But that’s a work in progress.  Tomorrow night it’s leftover quorn and veg Lebanese 7 spice stew.  Still have soup for Wednesday though – so the plan is not all lost!

Hope your week gets off to a far more positive start.  It’s story time! (I hope we have Camilla the Cupcake Fairy tonight!)

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