The Americans are coming!

And that’s a good thing 🙂

My big brother and sister in law are coming for a quick visit next week on their way to Switzerland.  I haven’t seen my brother since their wedding, over two years ago now.  The picture is from our trip over – we stopped in Savannah on the way back to the airport – really great city.  I’m really excited.  And a little apprehensive.  But that’s life!

They’re both huge foodies, so I’ve been racking my brain over where to take them, and what to make them.  We won’t go out for all our meals, because we just can’t afford that.  And it would be a shame not to bake them some sort of treat (they would do it for me anyway!).  So I’ve been thinking of something that will really hit the mark.

For Monkey’s last birthday, alongside the Ben & Holly cake, I made Beantown Baker’s ( Red Velvet Cheesecake cake – (hers was the first food blog I started visiting, and her cooking is just AMAZING).  I like to make something for the parents as well as the kids, and I just wanted desperately to try it!  I skyped my brother for Monk’s birthday hello, and brought the computer over to the fridge to show him the cake.  His response was along the lines of “Oh, dear G-d, that looks as good as a fried Mars bar.” (Another long story about that one… My brother and I have had some good times!).  So I think I’m going to make something along the same lines.  But I’m thinking cinnamon cake instead of the red velvet, because I love the taste of cinnamon alongside cheesecake.  Won’t necessarily be so visually stunning once cut, but I’ll think about that.

I’ll post the finished product next week (I’m going to make the layers and freeze them this weekend, then assemble when they get here!).  Then the only issue I’ll have is what to do with the leftovers (I ended up eating over half of that red velvet cheesecake cake all by myself because I didn’t have anyone to share with – husband only had one piece, and parents only took a few slices).  I get all anxious and pernickity when it comes to food hygiene and safety, so I’m concerned about bringing the cheesecake bit in to work, but they would eat it – so I’ll have to consider that point as well….

Otherwise, husband has requested a simple sponge (my Englishman has very English tastes – give him fine cuisine, and he wants sausage, mash and sponge…) or lemon cupcakes.  At least he’s buying!

A plus tard!

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