See you later, Crocodile!

It’s been a long and short weekend.  North America seems to have a long one coming up.  Is this the Canadian Thanksgiving, and if so, how do they reconcile that with the American one?  Or don’t, as the case may be.

We’ve had a lot crammed into a short weekend, including quite a lot of work, as I mucked up and overwrote a file the wrong way (enough to say it hurt), and wanted to fix it before Monday!

In the meantime, we (Monks and I) did manage to bake a cake:

Grape cake (excluding Pine nuts) from Stacey Snacks

Stacey’s got some fantastic recipes, and lots of them fall into my type of cooking – short list of ingredients, simple techniques, interesting flavours.  And I like to think that I can live vicariously through her (she’s an antique dealer in New Jersey, and I’m madly jealous – always best to admit these things…)

We didn’t manage to make the pink cookies (but there’s pink in the cake, so that’s all good).  But we did manage to Americanise an English classic – scotch pancakes – ours looked like this:

Scotch Pancake Face

120 g self raising flour
30 g sugar
1 egg
1/4 pint milk
butter or oil for frying
Jam for making a face

Mix dry ingredients, add wet ingredients, stir but not too much.

Heat up pan, and fry in as many batches as you like.  Scotch pancakes are meant to be fairly small, but these were not – because I like big pancakes, and my girl does too 🙂

The face is completely optional, but doesn’t it make it better?  I mean, some people go looking for faces in their potatoes – why not just make one on your pancakes?

This made three pancakes – it was meant to be one for each of us, but that just didn’t work out (a certain someone who isn’t yet 4 feet tall had more than her share…).  As she raced out of the kitchen with her second pancake, she shouted “see you later, crocodile!”  Bless.

Otherwise, there was all sorts of fun today – fence painting, onion buying (bulbs for the garden – we have apparently over potatoed), clothes washing, even a bit of floor washing after an unfortunate incident with the cat…

On that fine note – have a lovely week 🙂

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