Sunday sunday

Another not too bad day!

Thanks to regularly working in excess of 40 hours a week (haven’t taken a full weekend off for about 6 weeks, and work a bit just about every evening – suffice it to say my boss has no children, and a significantly shorter commute – and just doesn’t get it…) I have woke up with a cold which has piggy backed off the back of my last cold – which lasted a good 4 weeks.  So whilst I may not be feeling 100%, that’s been status quo for some time, so I might as well just get on with it!

Despite being shattered last night, and not really interested in cooking with the few things left in my fridge, I did manage to whip up something that was actually quite nice (see rather awful photo).  Yes, looks like yuck, but taste and health wise, quite good.  I’m going to note it, as I don’t tend to ever make a recipe the same twice when it comes to savouries, and as I think it would be good to both share (in case anyone else wants to make something that looks like that) – well, you know, so here goes –

My dinners are typically constructed around what I have left in the kitchen (not much these days), and what it quick and easy to cook, whilst still being fairly healthy.  These days,  I focus on good proteins and fibre and am trying to relax about fats, but try to make them good fats (I was a by-product of the fit or fat, no fat crazes of the 90s – it takes a long time to get out of that mindset).  I also have to focus on budget friendly and so have a restricted list of things I use to cook.  Oh, the good old days when I had so much more variety – fingers crossed that either I win that 100k (I’m not asking for a million – I just need a little help for the next 10 years), the recession ends quickly, or I get a better paying job closer to home some time in the near future (sadly, all these things are about equally likely to happen)

Spinach and egg stew:

250g frozen chopped spinach
2 onions, chopped however you want
1 jar tomato sauce
300g pack diced tomatoes
1 stock cube, or blob (I like the knorr stock pot concentrated jellies)
1 tin beans
hefty amount of italian seasoning (preferably spicy)
300 g light cream cheese
four eggs

1.  Dice/chop onion, and microwave 5 minutes covered
2.  Add frozen spinach and a bit of water to a large pot with lid and heat up
3.  Once spinach is warmed through, add everything but cream cheese and eggs.  Stir through on medium heat and let sit for about 5 minutes to meld flavours
4.  Add cream cheese and stir through on medium heat until warm and well distributed (all melty)
5.  Reduce heat to low, so it’s all still simmering but not bubbling – it will be quite thick and jumps out like polenta, so watch out.  Crack eggs evenly over the top (so you have four identifiable yolks), cover and let sit until eggs are set.
6.  Eat.

I figured two eggs per person, but you could always go more or less. And it made an awful lot of stew (I think you could probably feed another two people easily, and more if you added some starchy base – say pasta, couscous, rice).  It would have been REALLY NICE over a thick slice of bread, topped with some parmesan cheese, but I was going with what was on hand, and my relationship with bread resembles my relationship with pringles – once you pop, you can’t stop…  (Yes, I am that girl who can eat a whole loaf and only feel mildly ill after – and still eat more – bottomless pit of a stomach and all)

Tonight’s dinner is in the oven – it is slightly more exciting (but I expect the picture will be about as god-awful).  I’ll try to post it tomorrow.

Little one is having a song sung to her – we’re a tone deaf lot!

Back to work tomorrow – but boss is away at head office for the week, and I only have to be in the office for three days – working from home Thursday and Friday, for which I am very grateful.

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