Saturday – Day 1

As previously stated, I’m on a bit of a mission to do things differently, to try to be happier and enjoy life a bit more (within reason – I think my lottery chances are still fairly slim…)

So today, in the glorious indian summer weather we’re having, I went out on a Saturday with hubs and child to Oxford.  I know the students are coming (makes me think of Paul Revere, but what’s a yankee to do?!), and it’s busy, but I really wanted to do something nice.

And it really really was – despite the students!  I used to be one of those students, so don’t blame me being on the “other side” – I served my time, then wised up.  I now know that if you don’t look both ways before crossing the street, cars don’t HAVE to stop for you just because you’re in a really good university (but to be honest, I kinda knew that already).

Anywho – took the Monks to the Natural History museum for the first time and then ventured to the Pitt Rivers (didn’t see the shrunken heads this time).  I’d heard it had been revamped and had been avoiding it – I really liked it’s previous incarnation.  I was, however, pleasantly surprised that despite the revamp – it’s still pretty much the same – but lo-and-behold!  had a little corner for kids to do sticking and cutting and colouring etc – we spent nearly an hour there (the dinosaurs didn’t really capture her attention and I just don’t know how to get across the whole extinction bit…)

When Hubs came to get us (he’d gone to have his hair cut – really good bonding time – really happy about that :-)) we’d just finished, and off we went to have a burrito!!!  If only Mission Burrito ( had existed when I was a student!  It may not be the most amazing Mexican food in the world, but so far it’s the best I’ve had in the UK since I’ve been here (I’ve only gone once – in Milton Keynes – never seen anywhere near me!) and it just makes me happy.  The little one ate her own burrito (they do a kids one) with chicken and rice and a wee bit of lettuce, and was extra happy too (she asked for another one).  Hubs had a steak burrito, and I got the carnitas (pork – I swear when pork tastes like that it MUST be kosher – but that’s another story) salad bowl.  So yummy 🙂

To top off and best use the sunny and warm day, we headed down to the Cotswold Ice Cream Company (  for both ice cream and a go on the playground (and for a bit of a drive as Monks needed a bit of a nap – put her to bed at 8 last night, and she still woke up at 6:30 – we never can win on the sleep front sometimes!).  They had the strawberry waiting for Monks – they know her so well – and hubs had elderberry swirl – I don’t know what an elderberry is, and I’m not sold on it, but I don’t have a British palate, so I’ll just assume that’s what it’s all about.

Back home to paint a fence, pick some apples, raspberries, tomatoes, and whatever else I can get my hands on in the garden.  And I have to think about what to make for dinner.  Now that I’m making the effort to type about it, I need to make the effort to do it – so we’ll see what magical creation I can whip up tonight (might involve chard… or might not).

Let’s see how it goes

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