My daughter got her casts off today!!!!

(Before – sorry for the lopsided image – I will figure out how to permanently rotate – and the evil grin – that’s not her normal smile!)

After four weeks, it is so nice to see her sweet little feet and legs again!  I can’t wait to get her in the bath tonight and give them a good clean – and she is looking forward to wearing trousers again.

She has been warned not to run too much at kindergarten, lest her legs get sore.  That’s unlikely to work.  She has also been warned that she will no longer be able to bash her legs into things without it hurting. Hopefully she won’t learn that one by experience!

I have had the good fortune to work from home today as hubs wanted to go to Bangalore for work…  Tomorrow as well.  I am very grateful.  Particularly as it means I can see her that much more.

I’m going to toss all her toys in the bath with her, and let her just prune up 🙂  Happy day!

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